Photo Gallery

We are beginning a collection of recent Zalytron kits. These photos will be a collection of kits that we build as well as those of our customers. If you would like your pictures includeded here please e-mail them to

Seas 5" Excel/ OWIcall for details Ego by Zalytron

Aria 5 tlr Aria 7td5 Aria 2W Aria 7W

Aria 7WTD5 (Z) Phenomenal 3 (Z) Seas W12CYOO1 & Milenium tweeter plus Focal 10w6452 (Z) Dennis Murphy Usher design by Tony Gomez Aria 6W by Andy Misco Mentor5 by Bryan

Focal A200 Center Channel by Andy Misco Seas Excel Center Channel built by Zalytron and finished by Bill Gillam

NY Noise Maker II (Z)   Aria 6W by Sean McDermott Mark Beaulieu's Egos and Mentor.

Audiom TD5\Focal W Cone Center channel call for details (Z) Audiom TD5\Focal W Cone Front (Z) Usher U-2.5 (Z)

( Z) built by Zalytron