We have assembled a selection of lower priced kits that should fit almost anyone's budget. These kits all offer great sound for little money. If you are new to speaker building let us help you. We can build the entire box or just build the baffles with cut-outs and let you complete the rest. It is really up to you. Call us and let us help you choose the kit that is best for you. All of the drivers and crossover components to build 2 speakers are listed as "parts" and cabinets are listed as "boxes" and are priced each.

Affordable 1 In this kit we usa a vintage Phillips soft dome tweeter from the 80's. The Phillips AD043T15 has a laid back sound. It is not as articulate as the Seas tweeter, but it is ultra smooth. The woofer is the JMLab 6VE3215B polyglass midbass driver. You could listen to this system for hours as a time and never experience any ear fatigue.We have worked hard to deliver a great sounding speaker system with a simple crossover to make this very reasonably priced. Crossover

Parts $107.00 Boxes Call for price

Recommended Box alignments;

Optimum Sealed Box; 1 cubic foot, -3dB = 69 Hz, Qts = 0.7.

Smallest Sealed Box; 500 cubic inches, -3dB = 76 Hz, Qts = 0.98.

Smallest Vented Box;1 cubic foot, -3dB = 40 Hz, Vent = 40 Hz, port = 3 inch diameter by 8.5 inch long.

Best Quality Vented Box;1.6 cubic foot, -3dB = 34 Hz, Vent = 40 Hz, port = 3 inch diameter by 4 inch long.

Affordable 2 This system is also a TM design and replaces the 6VE3251B with the JMLab 6.5P paper cone midbass. This system is easy on the ears as well as the wallet. The system uses a .66 cubic foot sealed enclosure. Crossover

Parts $88.00 Boxes Call for price

Budget 102
The Focal 7C114 S7 is an OEM paper 7" midbass that is similar to the Access 7A except in a 4 ohm version. The budget 102 combines the high value 7C114 S7 with the popular Focal TC120TD5 tweeter in an MTM configuration. The bass is incredible and the tioxid tweeter makes this one of the most spectacular sounding budget systems that we carry. This system makes a great choice for the main speakers in a home theater. Crossover Picture

Parts $356.00 Boxes Call for price

Budget 103 The budget 103 takes the Budget 102 and replaces the Focal tweeter with the Morel MDT-20 soft dome tweeter. While not quite as articulate as the 102 this system is much smoother. If you love cloth domes then this is the budget system for you. Crossover

Parts $300.00 Boxes Call for price