Audiophile Kits

The Zalytron audiophile kits are designed to be ultra high end performers. The kits represented on this page are the as good or better than systems costing up to ten times as much in production commercial designs. The purchase of one of these kits may very well constitute the last set of speakers you will ever buy.

Titanio Elite
This kit is being is very special. Our "special purchase" the Focal Audiom TD5 tweeter is joined with a pair of Focal 7W4411 W-coned woofers are in an MTM design by the father of the MTM Joe D'Appolito. Crossover Box

Parts $1,465.00 Boxes Call

Phenomenal We are very excited about the addition of the Phenomenal kits. The Phenomenal 1 features 2 PHL 1240 woofers in a book shelf MTM arangement with the the Focal Audiom TD5. The system efficiency is rated at 95 dbs. We feel that this system along with it's big brothers may be the speakers system of choice among tube amp Enthusiasts in the very near future. Crossover Box Design

Parts  $1,515.00  Boxes  $500.00 ea.