Speaker Kits

The Hiquphon line of tweeters has become a great seller for Zalytron. The speaker designs on this page all feature Hiquphon tweeters.

New Ego Origionally designed by Geoffrey Dillon this Mini TM has received rave reviews. We often hear comments like " how could such a small speaker create such a full sound?" This system has recently been redesigned by Orca design to use the Focal Utopia 5W3211B in place of the discontinued 5W4252 misbass. We would like to offer this design in two versions. The first with the OWII tweeter and the second with the **D2094-9008-03 90dB retail tweeter. Please note that the D2094-9008-03 tweeter is only available in our kits and cannot be sold separately. Complete details are available by downloading the EGO word document. New Schematic

Parts* $540.00 Parts ** $490.00 Boxes $175.00 each

CAOW1 This is a popular Dennis Murphy design. Dennis has taken his popular MBOW1 design and upgraded the woofer the Seas CA15RLY. Details

Parts $435.00 Boxes $175.00 ea

A transmission line kit comprised of the Hiquphon OWII and a pair of Seas Excel W18EX001 drivers in an MTM configuration. We had many customers suggest this combination. Crossover Call for enclosure design.

Parts $800.00 Boxes $500.00 ea.

Hero The Focal Utopia 7W4411 mid bass is used along with Hiquphon OWII in this Joe D'Appolito design.

Parts  $490.00 Boxes $200.00 ea.

HiqAccess This is the ultimate affordable speaker system! We have combined the Focal Access 6A woofer with the Hiquphon OWII to make this Joe D'Appolito system sound like it should cost a lot more. Crossover

Parts  $316.00 Boxes $200.00 ea. Budget Boxes also available $100.00

Utopia OWI This Dennis Murphy design uses the 6" Focal Utopia 6W4311 along with his favorite tweeter the Hiquphon OWI. Check out complete design details are available on Dennis' site.

Parts  $468.00 Boxes $200.00 ea.